Gnomeo don't you love me!  004
Gnomeo don't you love me!  004
Gnomeo don't you love me!  004

Gnomeo don't you love me! 004

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Who doesn't love a cute little Gnome??  I hand make each and every Gnome in porcelain clay.  All of their features and accessories are hand sculpted so everyone has its own little personality!

Grab a few, they love to live in pairs and threes!  They are great for gift giving, adding to your small garden or plants, and even adorable just sitting on the shelf. 

Hey- you can even put them in the bathroom to have someone to talk to!

Please note each one is hand glazed as well.  I try to get the best representation of color in the photos but due to 1001 factors, it may not be exact as you seen on your screen.  Many times due to the variations of glazes I use the colors can look a bit different from many angles, which is part of the magic of a hand glazed piece!

He is approx. 4" tall.